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Welcome to Patient-Advisors.comSM. This site is totally free for all users! The site will be of great interest to you if you have undergone a surgical procedure, or are considering one. This site does not focus on general health information; there are many such sites that already exist. Patient-Advisors.com will let you tell your personal experiences, and let you learn from the experiences of others. Surgical operations are significant procedures that can have a profound and lasting effect on people. Many times after surgery, the form and function of your body is permanently changed, and thus it is a life-altering event.

Limited time offer: The first 50 people to post a surgical experience on this site will receive a check for $10.00. To receive your check, you need to register a username and password, and then post a new surgical experience on the patient-advisors.com website. The posting must be at least 5 sentences long, but the more details you provide, the more informative the posting will be. You then need to notify us by sending an email to:
The email must contain your name, mailing address, email address, the specific operation that you posted, and the date it was posted. Once we confirm the posting, we will send your check. Limit one check per user.

This website will let you share your experiences and thoughts, converse with other patients, and obtain information about an upcoming procedure. You can choose to be completely anonymous, or can reveal your identity if you wish.

If you have had surgery or a procedure, you can tell others about it.  Many people love to swap stories about their surgeries.  For example, did the surgery work as advertised? Was it painful? Would you do it again? What was the recovery period like? How would you rate your hospital and surgeon?  Would you advise someone else to have this type of surgery, or choose another option? Would you be agreeable to correspond with patients who are considering your surgical procedure?  What important things did your surgeon mention or neglect to mention beforehand?  What complications developed? By telling your experiences, you become a patient advisor, and can greatly assist other patients when they are preparing for surgery, recovering from surgery, or deciding if they will consent to a given operation.

Most patients become anxious or apprehensive when they are advised to undergo a surgical procedure.  The best way to alleviate this anxiety is to find out as much information as possible about the upcoming surgery.  The amount of information you can get from a surgeon is often limited.  However, you can search this site and read the personal experiences of many other patients who have already had that surgery.  You can learn things from the patient’s perspective, which you can’t learn by talking with a surgeon.  For example, what are the best ways to prepare for the procedure? What type of anesthesia is preferable?  Are there other surgical procedures that you should consider or inquire about? How long is the recovery period? How much pain or disability is involved? Is robotic or laparoscopic surgery really better than open surgery?

The personal experiences of individual patients are an invaluable resource.  Patient-Advisors.comSM is the place where you can advise other patients, or get advice for yourself or your family.  Patients and surgeons can learn a tremendous amount by reading this information.  If you would like to join, Click Here

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